Hello, I’m Francesco

Media Composer and Music Producer

I write, record and mix beautiful bespoke soundtracks for films, video games, installation art and ballet. Turning emotions into music is what gives meaning to my life, I want to connect with you and help you convey your project’s message.

What I do:

I use a Digital Audio Workstation called Cubase to put together both virtual and recorded instruments. I compose and arrange my music with love, one stave at the time, and then I mix it into the final product. Here’s what one of my typical sessions looks like:

Some of my works…


I was asked to make this virtual planetarium more immersive with my music, but at the same time not to overwhelm visitors. For each track I created an inner, intimate and quiet, orchestral layer and I made it to be self sufficient, so that’s what you hear most of the time as you go around exploring the different rooms, but then I also composed an outer, bigger and fuller, layer of orchestration that had to work in parallel with the smaller one and could blend in at any point: as you step towards one of the planets you will be able to hear my symphonic work in full and appreciate how it contributes to the whole experience.

Quantum Rift

Ian Bolton and Łukasz Matuszek commissioned me to do an official music theme for their sci-fi adventure card game, they wanted something simple, epic and memorable. I was also expected to represent the complex nature of Quantum Rift with its multiple worlds, which is why I incorporated different styles into the Orchestral Suite: I started it with a piano intro that prepares the way to the main theme but then the track evolves into an epic rock hybrid.

VY Canis Majoris

Named after one of the biggest known stars, this track became one of the official demos for the Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition, which is the software I used to make it. This short piece demontrates the limitless possibilities of the instrument.


My bespoke composition for the Taormina International Book Festival’s advertisment, featuring the actor Maurizio Marchetti, here the film director wanted me to make something minimal and emotional to go along with a script that promotes reading and personal growth.

What people say about me:

“Francesco Pirrone is our composer. This means he’s responsible for that subtle sense of joy you are feeling as you wander around our rooms, without even being aware of it. Your ears hear his music, your mind feels joy, and fairies dance in beautiful harmony somewhere nearby. This is all Francesco’s doing. New to the world of game & app developement, Francesco has mastered the art quickly. His mandate was to make beautiful music, that you don’t notice until it’s missing. And this he delivered upon perfectly. We expect to hear him go far over the next years. Hopefully you’ll hear more of his work too.”

San Shepherd – CEO of Future Tech Labs Ltd

“It was a real privilege to get to work with Francesco on our jam project ‘The Secret Cave’. I was bowled over by both his talent and speed of working with him creating eight different sound tracks in just a single weekend (as well as numerous other contributions to the game). I thoroughly recommend working with Francesco if you get the chance and look forwards to working more with him again in the future.”

Dan Thomas – Head of games services at Etch Play

“Once I worked with Francesco, he immediately became my go-to when it comes to any kind of orchestral or metal composition or arrangement. We worked together on a couple of tracks, and I was really impressed with his ability to take the direction and basic ideas I gave to him and really flesh them out with fantastic orchestral arrangement. When it came to composition, Francesco was great at demoing and workshopping countless great melodies and ideas until we found exactly what we were looking for. His classical backround really made a great difference for the orchestral elements of the music we were working on. On top of this, Francesco is exceptional at composing, arranging, performing, and recording all things metal. I was blown away by the overall composition and production quality of both the rhythm and lead guitar sections he wrote and tracked himself! If I ever find myself working on anything orchestral or metal again, Francesco will be the first person on my list to collaborate with – I highly recommend him!”

Lewis Thompson – Freelance Composer and Sound Designer


OUT NOW! – Artwork by Roberta Guarnera
Year: 2021 – Artwork by Petur Antonsson
Year: 2020 – Artwork by Łukasz Matuszek
Year: 2020 – Artwork by Konstantin Gerhald3D Yadevich

About Me

I was born in a family of classical musicians and I started studying music when I was six.

Over the years my training involved classical guitar, electric guitar, music theory and (later) music production, recording techniques, mixing and mastering.

For the past two decades I have collaborated with a number of bands, directors, game developers and production music libraries as a composer, songwriter, arranger, mixing engineer, and instrumentalist.

I am a very proficient composer of orchestral soundtracks and I also love producing rock music. I consider the bass guitar my main instrument and the voice of my soul.

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