Original Music Composition

Whether you’re working on a film, commercial, documentary, video game, VR, mobile app, choreography, installation art or art video….a custom score will help you taking your project to the next level. Francesco has great understanding of musical rhetoric and is committed to deliver the appropriate soundtrack for your work within the expected timeframe. See examples of Francesco’s music.

Orchestral Mixing

If you are a composer and produce MIDI-based orchestral music, chances are your compositions are only going to be as good as your mixes. Francesco specializes in mixing sample based orchestras and can help you achieving the clarity and depth you always wanted. Get in touch today for a FREE 30 seconds sample mix.

Orchestral Arrangements

Francesco creates beautiful orchestration and intros for rock, metal music and other genres. If you are an artist or a producer and you want to expand the sound of your next release with orchestration that sounds REAL you are in the right place. Check out examples of Francesco’s Orchestral Rock arrangements and get in touch for a free evaluation of your project.

Virtual Orchestration

Programming realistic MIDI mock-ups is an art of its own. Francesco is a specialist who’s music has been featured as official demo work for sample libraries such as the Vienna Sypmhonic Library. If you are a composer and you need to produce credible sample based versions of your scores, Francesco can do that for you with ad hoc articulations choice and a detailed virtual performance. Francesco can also help you turning simple melodies and ideas into fully developed orchestral Cues. Get in touch to find out more.

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