Ordering Custom Music

Here’s a few tips, on how to get the most out of your custom music order.

For those who are new to implementing music in films, video games or other media, a bespoke soundtrack is music that is made from scratch specifically for a client, based on the project and its requirements, as opposed to library music or stock music, where the soundtrack is selected from a catalogue of existing works.

Getting started:

The first step is getting in touch and explaining what the project is like, what’s the budget and when the music needs to be ready, generally there’s no obligation at this stage and this very first contact helps identifying the main objectives for music production.

The brief:

The composer will need information about the nature of the project: if it’s a film, a short film, a documentary, a video game, a VR game, an app, a piece of intallation art, a choreography and so on. The more details are available
about the production and the project’s goals, the better
. Generally some clips, pictures and a script help identifying what soundtrack is needed.

It’s never too early to involve a music composer!

Music can be commissioned when a project is still at the early stages and maybe only a script or even a minimal brief are available. It is possible to produce custom music based on little information as long as the project’s intent is clear and doesn’t change along the way, nevertheless, more detailed information about the end product (images and videos especially) are extremely valuable and it’s highly recommended to share them as soon as they’re available.

Waiting times:

The time required to compose bespoke music can vary and it’s important to be specific about the expected timeframe for delivery. On an average it takes about one week of uninterrupted work to compose, arrange, record and mix a fully rendered two minutes Cue. Further revisions require extra time, another good reason to contact a composer sooner rather than later.

Fees and expenses:

Depending on the project’s audience (whether it’s a YouTube video or a feature film etc….) the cost of custom music can vary significantly. Other factors such as the acquisition (total or partial) of performance and mechanical rights for the music in question can influence the price too. Each project is different and the budget should be discussed on an individual basis. Furthermore the music can be realized entirely by the composer, using his own samples, or it can involve session musicians, who will record some or all of the instruments. Your composer can help you identifying a cost effective strategy, so that you can get the best possible soundtrack within your budget.

Are you working on something awesome and need personalised music to make it stand out even more? Get in touch today and ask for a quote.

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