Who is The Chemist?

As you might already know, my new album “The Chemist” will be available on all platforms on the 3rd of September 2021. What you probably don’t know however, is the story behind the album and what to expect from it: you have seen the artwork, you have watched the trailer and you wonder “who is that man and why is he so busy making experiments in his lab?…” I asked myself that same question for a long time, so let me reveal something about this gentleman and the music he is going to bring you before the end of the summer…

I once imagined a chemist of the late 800s, trying to figure out things we now give for granted, being creative, having to deal with the limitations of his time and all that…this image inspired me to compose a sequence of five chords, all belonging to different keys but linked by a melody. The chords also carried an inner melody which wanted to be developed as well and so before I even knew it a whole musical sketch had taken form and demanded to be orchestrated in the richest possible way.

The picture in my head needed a real image, to accompany the music, in order to be complete and I found in the work of Petur Antonsson the perfect match for my composition, so that now all of you can see this chemist the way I see it.

“The Chemist” consists of fourteen short tracks and I intend them like miniatures: each piece is a little story that unfolds as you listen, close your eyes and you will be able to see the stories with your mind’s eyes. The album also contains some excerpts from “The Secret Cave”, a game jam that Dan Thomas and I made together and has a special meaning to me.

Additionally, my new release has a deeper, self referential, meaning because I have a master’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and I used to work as a pharmacist. Some people use the words pharmacist/chemist interchangeably.

In a way that I can only partially express with words this album represents my love for science, my gratitude for being able to work full time on my musical research and my respect for my former profession: my old “chemist” self now lives inside that artwork, surrounded by music.

Listen to my new album “The Chemist”.

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