Francesco is a composer, songwriter, producer, arranger, bass player and guitarist. He has worked on short films, advertising, video games, VR games and collaborated with several bands.

Recent projects include collaboration with british composer Lewis Thompson, in the making of custom RPG orchestral music, contribution to the Sync Music catalogue for Red and Bear Music Group, and of course the original scoring for “The Planetarium” by Future Tech Labs and for the Quantum Rift game.

A more comprehensive list of Francesco’s work can be found here.

Francesco has years of experience producing music with virtual instruments as well as mixing and mastering. He has attended the Studio Production part-time school at ACM in Guildford and the two courses: Mixing Breakthroughs and Mastering Demystified by Justin Colletti.

He started as a classical guitarist at the age of six and then progressed into the electric and bass guitar, he loves classical music as well as rock and various heavy metal subgenres. His compositional style is based on simple, effective melodies bringing harmony of their own, and this simplicity is found both in his orchestral and metal work. Also his soundtracks always express great awareness of musical rhetoric, thus resonating with the emotional content of the medium to which they serve.

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