Custom Music

– What is a custom soundtrack, also known as a bespoke soundtrack?

It’s a music track that is composed and recorded specifically for a client, based on the requirements of the project for which is gonna serve as a soundtrack.

Francesco specialises in the composition and production of bespoke music. See examples of Francesco’s work.

– How does one request a made to measure piece of music?

By simply getting in touch and explaining what the project is like, what’s the budget and when the music needs to be ready. Francesco will respond within days and the client’s needs will be discussed in detail. There is no obligation at this stage and the job only starts when the client is happy to proceed.

– What information does the client need to provide?

First of all, the nature of the project: if it’s a film, a short film, a documentary, a video game, a VR game, an app, a piece of intallation art, a choreography and so on. The more details are available about the production and the project’s goals, the better. Generally some clips, pictures and a script help identifying what soundtrack is needed.

– What if the client doesn’t have all these information in hand?

Music can be commissioned when a project is still at the early stages and maybe only a script or even a minimal brief are available. It is possible to produce custom music based on little information as long as the project’s intent is clear and doesn’t change along the way, nevertheless, more detailed information about the end product (images and videos especially) will guide Francesco through the creative journey and improve his workflow.

One of Francesco’s strengths is the ability to understand the emotional meaning of a brief so that he can write music that resonates with the core message, rather than just fit in. See what clients think about Francesco.

– How long does it take to compose music?

It depends. On an average it takes about one week of uninterrupted work to compose, arrange, record and mix a fully rendered two minutes Cue. Further revisions require extra time. Francesco is always committed to providing realistic time expectations and respecting deadlines.

– Is bespoke composition expensive?

It can be. Depending on the project’s audience (whether it’s a YouTube video or a feature film etc….) the budget can vary significantly. Other factors such as the acquisition (total or partial) of performance and mechanical rights for the music in question can affect the budget too. It is usually very easy to find a solution that suits the client and that is optimal for the production’s needs.

Are you working on something awesome and need personalised music to make it stand out even more? Get in touch today and ask for a quote.