Here’s what people say about Francesco

“Francesco Pirrone is our composer. This means he’s responsible for that subtle sense of joy you are feeling as you wander around our rooms, without even being aware of it. Your ears hear his music, your mind feels joy, and fairies dance in beautiful harmony somewhere nearby. This is all Francesco’s doing. New to the world of game & app developement, Francesco has mastered the art quickly. His mandate was to make beautiful music, that you don’t notice until it’s missing. And this he delivered upon perfectly. We expect to hear him go far over the next years. Hopefully you’ll hear more of his work too.”

San Shepherd – CEO of Future Tech Labs Ltd

“It was a real privilege to get to work with Francesco on our jam project ‘The Secret Cave’. I was bowled over by both his talent and speed of working with him creating eight different sound tracks in just a single weekend (as well as numerous other contributions to the game). I thoroughly recommend working with Francesco if you get the chance and look forwards to working more with him again in the future.”

Dan Thomas – Head of games services at Etch Play

“Once I worked with Francesco, he immediately became my go-to when it comes to any kind of orchestral or metal composition or arrangement. We worked together on a couple of tracks, and I was really impressed with his ability to take the direction and basic ideas I gave to him and really flesh them out with fantastic orchestral arrangement. When it came to composition, Francesco was great at demoing and workshopping countless great melodies and ideas until we found exactly what we were looking for. His classical backround really made a great difference for the orchestral elements of the music we were working on. On top of this, Francesco is exceptional at composing, arranging, performing, and recording all things metal. I was blown away by the overall composition and production quality of both the rhythm and lead guitar sections he wrote and tracked himself! If I ever find myself working on anything orchestral or metal again, Francesco will be the first person on my list to collaborate with – I highly recommend him!”

Lewis Thompson – Freelance Composer and Sound Designer

Do you have an awesome project that you’re working on and needs a custom soundtrack? Music made to resonate with the message and emotions of your creative content? Contact Francesco today and ask for a free quote!