The Planetarium – Trailer:

Multiverse’s first domain is “The Planetarium”, a place where you get to “Explore astronomy like never before – socially in VR with your friends”. In this trailer you also get a taste of the orchestral soundtrack that Francesco has created originally for this beautiful Virtual Reality. He designed a different symphonic accompaniment for each type of room that you will get to discover within The Planetarium.

Quantum Rift:

Quantum Rift is a whole universe and it’s a concept. The project is a collaboration between Ian Bolton and Łukasz Matuszek, it’ll soon be available in the form of an adventure card game but it has the potential to become much more. Here you can listen to its main theme, an epic anthem originally composed and produced by Francesco.


The Secret Cave:

The Secret Cave is a top-down, narrative RPG, created by Dan Thomas and Francesco in a weekend as part of the “Secrets” themed Guildford Game Jam, September 2018. You can play the game here and you can listen to the soundtrack below:

VY Canis Mayoris:

The track, named after one of the biggest know stars, has been featured as an official demo for the Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition, which is the collection of virtual instruments that was used to produce it.


Bespoke composition for the Taormina international book festival’s advertisment, featuring italian actor Maurizio Marchetti.

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